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London to Paris Bike Ride

Discover the thrill of night riding and join hundreds of other cyclists, of all abilities and ages, for a night to remember on Edinburgh Night Ride. Edinburgh Night Ride is a fantastic one day charity bike …

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Edinburgh Night Ride

Get ready for the ultimate cycle for charity! Death Valley National Park is located in the South California Desert in Nevada. Many people overlook the park due to the misguided belief that it is lifeless, but …

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Death Valley Cycle

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There are few activities more joyous than riding a bicycle. With the aid of this humble piece of machinery, a person can travel the world, and see almost all of the sights it has to offer – all using just a little clever engineering and the energy in your aching legs.

For this reason, charity bike rides are a popular means of raising money for whatever cause you happen to be championing. And there is no shortage of worthy causes that might benefit from your charitable exertions. So if you’re in need of an incentive to hop into the saddle and get peddling, consider the legions of disadvantaged people (or animals, or indeed plants) that might benefit from you doing so. We find that there are few motivators more effective than that!

Moreover, there are few better ways to raise money for your charity of choice than with one of the many cycling challenges you’ll find on these pages. These involve travelling to all manner of exotic locations in aid of raising money for your charity of choice. Have you ever wanted to cycle from Vietnam to Cambodia, commencing at the famous city of Saigon and finishing up at the ancient temples of Angkor Wat? Or have you ever wanted to from one Costa Rican coastline to another, embarking from the shores of the pacific and finishing up at those of the Caribbean.

On the other hand, it might be that your cycling ambitions lie closer to home, and you’re long wanted to undertake a trip between London and Paris. You might be interested in a night-time ride through Edinburgh, one of the nation’s most picturesque cities, or in a coast-to-coast pilgrimage from Workington to Whitby, via the vertiginous Lake District and the more softly-undulating landscape of the Yorkshire Dales.

All of these experiences, along with many, many more, are possible with Global Adventure Challenges. Simply take a look along the sidebar to the left of these words, and you’ll see the variety of challenges available. There’s certain to be one among them to take your fancy.

Unlike walking, cycling does present a few barriers for beginners. You’ll ideally need a little experience in cycling under your belt, and you’ll need to provide your own bicycle and helmet. As you might have gathered from the name of the site you’re currently browsing, each of these trips represents a considerable challenge – they all cover many hundreds of miles in just a few days. Participants will have to undergo moderately extensive training, and should expect to have that training tested comprehensively along the way.

That’s a good thing – after all, few people are going to be willing to donate to a challenge they judge as being easy. By testing yourself to the limit, you’ll raise money for your charity of choice. Not only that, you’ll have a wealth of experience to look back upon in future with pride. So what are you waiting for? Stop stalling, and sign yourself up for a cycling challenge today!