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Ever dreamt of driving your own team of spirited huskies across the Arctic, with civilisation left far behind? Well, now that dream can become a reality! Join us on this, the most unique of charity events, …

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The Husky Trail


Here at Global Adventure Challenges, we’re proud to say that we offer trips to some of the most amazing landscapes the world has to offer. These include white-water trips along the mighty Zambezi River, and hikes across the incomparable Sahara desert. But we also like to head northward, to where the climate tends toward the chilly. There we find some of the most unique charity challenges the world has to offer.

Have you ever looked enviously at images of huskies drawing a sled across an unfathomable expanse of snow? If so, you’ve arrived at the right place to turn that dream into a reality. In terms of their popularity, dog sledding challenges come some way behind hikes and cycling challenges. But the reason for this is fairly straightforward: while there are many places in the world where you can walk and cycle, there are only a few parts of the world in which dog sledding is possible. Fortunately, Global Adventure Challenges can take you to those places – places accessible only with the help of a sled and a sizeable pack of magnificent huskies.

At present, there is but a single challenge in this category – which should give you some measure of how unique an experience you’ll be getting! The route commences in Tromso, Norway, and winds through 250km of wondrous Scandinavian forest before finally arriving at the world-famous Ice Hotel in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden.

You’ll be camping over the course of your voyage – but you’ll be doing so in a style suitable for the environment you’re voyaging through, in a Lavvu. A Lavvu, for the uninitiated, is a sort of tent used by the indigenous Sami people of northern Scandinavia. It looks a little like a wigwam, though its design is a little shorter in order that it doesn’t get blown over by a gust of famous Norse wind.

If you’re a newcomer to the wonderful world of sledding, then you needn’t fear. Unlike some of our other challenges, no training is required for this trek – you’ll be given full and comprehensive instruction in the ways of sledding. That said, this is no easy ride – everyone participating will need to do the things required for survival in the winter wonderland. You’ll need to put up tents, cook and clean up after yourself. Moreover, you’ll of course be required to look after the pack of beautiful huskies – who, let’s not forget, are doing the vast majority of the work, here!

As you journey through the freezing northern wilderness, you’ll be about as far removed from civilisation and all its trappings as it’s possible to be. You’ll be able to watch the Northern Lights by the campfire, just as the locals would.

Dog sledding for charity, as you might imagine, is a thing for which there is only so much supply – and so this event is reliably oversubscribed every year. So what are you waiting for? Get in early to avoid disappointment. And then get on with the business of raising money for your charity of choice.