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Travel with Confidence

Undoubtedly, travelling to different places and destinations whether that be in the UK, Europe or further afield is unlikely to be the same as it was before COVID-19. Travel companies, tour operators and participants need to embrace this change, but it doesn’t mean challenge events can’t be safe – they can, they will still deliver the same amount of fun and enjoyment, and just as importantly you will still get a massive sense of personal achievement on completion. One of the main benefits of a charity challenge is that most of the itinerary takes place outdoors and it is clear this reduces the risks of COVID-19 significantly.

We have been running challenge events for 20 years and in that time, we have seen many things have an impact on our industry and travel in general - from natural disasters, volcanic ash clouds, credit crunches, Brexit and now the COVID-19 pandemic. The current pandemic is extremely serious, and all should be following the current guidelines in order to remain as safe as possible.

We believe in being open and transparent and we hope the information on this page will give you the clarity and the confidence you need as it outlines the changes, we and our suppliers are making to significantly reduce the risks of COVID-19. It details how we are increasing hygiene and cleanliness processes for the health and wellbeing of everybody associated with our challenges. The policy will evolve as time goes on and we continue to monitor local public health recommendations.  What won’t change is our commitment to keeping you safe, so you have the confidence to continue exploring our amazing world!

Before You Travel

Financial Security

Travel and Transfers

As with all Tour Operators and other travel companies, travel and transport providers are just as serious about making travel safe. Below we have outlined changes and what to expect. If we feel any additional measures are needed, we will inform you in the lead up to your challenge departure date.


Countries around the world have taken the situation with COVID-19 very seriously. Governments in each country are implementing new procedures for their hospitality industry. Alongside our suppliers, we continue to monitor and check each accommodation provider on the challenge to ensure they have increased and improved their cleanliness and hygiene processes/standard operating procedures in line with local and our own guidelines.

On Your Challenge

Like the accommodation protocol, we will check each restaurant and/or meal provider/supplier to ensure they have increased and improved their cleanliness and hygiene processes/standard operating procedures in line with local and our own guidelines - this includes our own processes when we are responsible for the delivery of food on a challenge.

Just as your safety and welfare is of the utmost importance to us, so is the safety of our Event Team which includes our head guides, challenge leaders, porters, cooks and any other member of offering support on your challenge.

In addition to all the changes noted above we also need participants to play their part in achieving a safe and enjoyable challenge.

To download a copy of our Travel with Confidence policy, just click the button below!


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