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Raft challenge

Proud to be the longest serving charity challenge operator on the Zambezi

Those in search of a high-octane thrill-fest will find that there are few activities more suitable than white-water rafting. Our rafting challenges represent an unforgettable opportunity to take in the sights, sounds and smells of the natural world.

It’s with great pride that we can say we’re the longest-serving operator on the legendary Zambezi – the fourth largest river in Africa, and the mightiest when it comes to white-water rafting! If you’re looking for a true, white-water challenge, then accept no substitutes – this is the pinnacle, and we’re ready to take you there!

We commence the experience beneath the roaring spectacle of Victoria Falls. From there, the backdrop gets no less impressive, travelling through some of the most stunning and remarkable scenery that Africa has to offer – though, that said, you might be too concerned with the river in front of you to take it all in! This charity challenge is one to get the heart racing.



“Partipants will be thrown at the mercy of nature, and nature will demand a lot from you – both physically and mentally.”



But while you’re experiencing the thrill of the river, you can be assured that you’re in the safest possible hands. We have experience of the Zambezi that stretches back to 2006, and during that time, we have maintained high levels of safety. We are unique on the Zambezi in that we use a cataraft as a safety boat, and use special floatation devices in order to keep our participant’s legs above the water – aiding buoyancy, as well as improving safety. But our most effective safety feature is without a doubt, our staff of highly experienced guides. Their knowledge and skill will equip you to conquer the mighty river in safety and style! If you choose to participate on a white-water rafting event and challenge, then you can do so with confidence with Global Adventure Challenges.


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