How Long Does It Take to Walk Hadrian’s Wall?

How Long Does It Take to Walk Hadrian’s Wall?

Hadrian’s Wall is a spectacular UNESCO World Heritage Site, stretching for 73 miles – coast to coast, across some of the most dramatic countryside in England. Built between 122 and 128 AD, it’s purpose was to mark the northern extent of the Roman Empire.

When it was first built, Hadrian’s Wall covered 73 miles across the narrow neck of England, from the North Sea to the Irish Sea. The Roman’s built 16 forts along the length of the wall, housing up to 800 soldiers, as well as a fortified gateway at each Roman mile (0.95 miles).

Hadrian’s Wall attracts trekkers from all over the world as it offers fantastic, challenging long distance walks surrounded by stunning scenery and interesting history! If you are looking to walk the entire length of the Hadrian’s Wall path, this will take between 6-8 days depending on your fitness levels and experience. However, there are a range of different areas of Hadrian’s Wall you can explore, with treks taking anywhere from a couple of hours to a few days! 


Participants at the start of the Hadrian's Wall Trek



Our Hadrian’s Wall Trek takes us on a historic hike, visiting some of the most fascinating ruins along the way. Our trek takes us from Lanercost Priory to Brocolitia as we cover a total of 25 miles over 2 days.


“Wow. What an amazing two days on Hadrians Wall. I'm not going to lie, it was tough, and I wanted to quit, but thanks guys for keeping me going. James you were a superstar on day 2. So patient with us all and encouraged us all to finish. Thank you!”  Hadrian’s Wall Conqueror, 2018




Hadrian's wall trek - landscape


Day 1

We meet in the evening at our campsite near Haltwhistle and enjoy a group meal and briefing before the challenges commences the following day.

Day 2 – Lanercost Priory to Campsite - 15 Miles

After breakfast our trek begins! Today we explore the longest continuous stretch of Hadrian’s Wall and one of the most picturesque settings, overlooking the River Irthing gorge. We will journey through many milecastles (rectangular fortified gateways built during the period of the Roman Empire), stop at the Birdoswald Roman Fort and pass the Roman Army Museum! In total we will be trekking for approximately 15 miles with a total ascent of 1867 ft. Total trekking time will be between 7-8 hours.

Day 3 – Campsite to Brocolitia Roman Fort - 10 miles

Following breakfast, we start our trek from our campsite. Along the way we pass a famous film location at Sycamore Gap – the location of the tree that Kevin Costner, as Robin Hood, hid in during “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves”.  We also walk along Housesteads Roman Fort, set on a dramatic ridge with stunning panoramic views of the surrounding area. Today we will be trekking for approximately 10 miles - taking 6-7 hours with a total ascent of 1459 ft.


“I just wanted to sing the praises of the staff from my trek, they were so lovely and knowledgeable. They were so much fun and incredibly supportive, everything was so well organised too. For me I thought this was a one-off thing and I would have no desire to do anything else like this in the future, but I've sat all day looking at other challenges and have already requested time off work to do the China trek next year. Thanks again, I can't wait until the next one!”   Hadrian’s Wall Conqueror, 2018


Hadrian's wall trek - participants holding finish banner


Our Hadrian’s Wall Trek is fully supported – from our tented village to the glorious food and our exceptional guides! Step back in time and join us on an incredible journey along one of Britain’s most famous historic landmarks!



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