Packing for a charity challenge abroad

Packing for a charity challenge abroad

All our challenges have an essential kit list, giving you all the details on what you need for that particular challenge. It’s worth ticking items off as you buy them so you know you're prepared!

Essential Footwear

You can’t possibly think about starting your challenge without the correct footwear and for our trekking challenges, this will be hiking boots. If you’re flying to your destination you may even consider wearing them on the plane so that in any unfortunate instance where your hold luggage gets lost, you still have your trusty boots!

A buff or a bandana

Whether your destination is going to be hot and humid, icy or cold, packing a neck gaiter or a bandana will always come in handy. When the weather is hot, you can wear it to wipe away any perspiration or use it to keep your hair neatly tied up. It will provide an extra layer of warmth when the weather is cold, just wear it under your hat or around your neck.

The ‘sock and stuff’ method

Once you’ve tried out this method, you’ll be so glad that you took our advice. Take a day’s clothing and place each item on top of one another in a neat line before rolling them into a very tight roll. Stuff this inside a pair of socks and, when the time comes, all you’ll have to do is grab a neat little sock package and you know you’ll have a whole outfit ready to go. This is also bound to save space in your rucksack.

Earplugs and an eye mask

Not only are these essentials for catching some shuteye on a long-haul flight but they’ll come in handy if you’re staying somewhere noisy. Camping outdoors without an eye mask will mean you’ll wake up with the sun, and this isn’t always welcome when you need to get your rest for the day ahead!

A handy toiletry bag

It’s likely that there won’t be five-star showering facilities wherever you'[re headed, so make sure you take a toiletry bag that you can hang onto something while you get clean.

Medical Essentials

Don't worry - you won’t have to complete a thorough first aid training course before you go! However it is a good idea to pack some essential medication and equipment just in case. Beware of dehydration and sunburn - even if the sun isn’t shining directly down on you. Electrolyte solutions are perfect if you’re dehydrated, and make sure you wear a hat, use sunscreen (preferably factor 50+) and wear UV sunglasses to protect yourself from the short and long-term effects of sun damage. Anti-bacterial hand gel is essential and anti-malaria tablets and anti-bug sprays are also a must depending on your destination.

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