Steve's Story

Steve's Story

From Taking on London to Paris to Cycling The Length Of Britain!

Steve has been on an impressive 5 challenges with us over the years, from our London to Paris Bike Ride to our Land’s End to John O’Groats challenge. We caught up with Steve earlier this week to talk about his experiences and find out what motivates him to take on our UK cycling adventures.


So, Steve, what challenges have you been on and what’s been your favourite?

I have been on 5 challenges so far. I have done London to Paris twice, Lands End to John O’Groats twice and the Coast to Coast cycle. All of them have different merits to them but I would say Lands End to John O’Groats has been my favourite. It is a really difficult challenge but during the 12 days you really build up a sense of camaraderie with the other members of the team. I have made some great friends.  


Amazing – our challenges really are a great place to meet likeminded people and create friendships to last a lifetime! Which challenge have you found the most difficult?

Lands End to John O’Groats was definitely the toughest challenge. There are some really sharp steep hills in Cornwall and then rolling mountain roads in Scotland.  The weather can be really unforgiving also, so you really want to make sure you wear a base layer and have wet weather gear.


What is your motivation for hitting the saddle and taking on a cycling adventure?

Quite a few years back now I discovered that I loved cycling and decided I really wanted to do Land’s End to John O’Groats. So, I guess the personal challenge was my key motivator, but I love that I can also give back to good causes whilst pursuing my own goals. I am gaining new life experiences and memories that I will keep forever.


Steve at the Eiffel Tower and Land's End


Where’s your favourite place to visit with your bike?

I absolutely love France. It has some amazing scenery and the people are really friendly. The food and wine are good too after a long day in the saddle.


I bet! It sounds incredible! What advice would you give to someone who is thinking of taking on a cycling challenge?

Do your research, get as much advice as you can and train hard. Expect it to be amazing yet equally as tough. You will hit the wall but you can push through it.


Great Advice! Now for a tricky question … Can you pick a favourite moment amongst your adventures?

There are so many amazing moments to choose from, it is really difficult to choose a favourite!

I do remember one moment on the C2C when I climbed the last hill of the ride, the scenery opened up before me and it was really beautiful. It helped that I knew it would be down hill from there on out!


Steve doing a UK cycling challenge


For anyone who has just signed up for a cycling challenge - What are your training top tips?

I would recommend that you try to cycle the distance of your longest day in the challenge.

Make sure you go out and train in bad weather – you don’t know what nature is going to throw at you and it will help with coping strategies. 

Travel…  Take your bike on holiday with you (where practical) and ride in different terrain. I live in a really flat area so I took my bike to Cornwall for a weekend to ride the hills.

Finally plan some multiday distance riding so that you get used to riding all day and then getting back in the saddle the following morning.


Thanks Steve that’s really useful! Also, what what’s the one thing you always take with you?

Full set of waterproofs, energy drinks and protein bars, a tool set and Voltarol to soothe aches and pains. 


And last but not least … would you recommend Global Adventure Challenges to your friends and family?

I would. They take care of your luggage, accommodation, food and provide technical support. The safety and security that having the team and support provided by Global Adventure Challenges is essential. Everyone is really friendly and helpful from the moment of sign up through to the very end of the event.


That’s great to hear! Thanks so much for talking to us Steve and we’re looking forward to you joining us on another adventure in the future!

If you’d like more information on our London to Paris or Land’s End to John O’Groats Cycle then give us a call on 01244 676454 and a member of our events team will be happy to help!


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